Health Insurance Tips

Do I Have to Get Health Insurance in Texas?

Texas uses the federally run marketplace at and has one of the maximum exchange enrollments in the USA. The marketplace provides health insurance plans for families and individuals who want to purchase their health insurance. This includes primary retirees who will switch to Medicare when they turn 65, residents who are self-employed, and individuals employed by a small business that does not provide employer-sponsored health advantages. Click here!

Utilizing the market is optional. Individuals and families can pick to purchase coverage openly from a health insurance company in Texas. However, the marketplace is the place where Texas residents can be eligible for economic assistance advantages based on their income. This includes cost-sharing reductions (which reduce out-of-pocket medical costs – deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments) and premium subsidies (which offset the monthly cost of coverage).

Your Options

Part of the cause of many Texans absence of health insurance is that Texas has a lot of small businesses that are not essential to provide this advantage. As a result, only 50 percent of Texans get insurance through their employer.

Government assistance is available now for the families of low-income, with a Children’s Health Insurance Program for children whose families earn too much for Medicaid but cannot yet afford private health insurance. One more option is to buy a private health insurance policy. This policy will cost more than government-sponsored insurance, so you need to ensure you receive the best possible rate.

To Keep Your Rate Low

  1. Look at a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). These plans limit your options once it comes to choosing a doctor, but substantially reduce your costs.
  2. Select a policy with co-payments or a high deductible.
  3. Select a policy that provides just the coverage you want. You can also select a policy that provides only the main medical coverage, instead of comprehensive coverage that covers doctor visits cost as well as prescription drug costs.

Texas Open Enrollment Period and Dates

Open enrollment for 2021 health insurance plans is from November 1, 2020, through December 15, 2020. This yearly window permits new applicants to apply for health coverage and also provides current enrollees the chance to renew or modify their health coverage for next year and update your economic information with the exchange, with the purpose of your economic assistance for the next year is precise.

Texas residents can just enroll in main individual health coverage whether they experience a succeeding event outside of the open enrollment period. If an individual requests a plan or submits an application change outside of the direct enrollment window, insurance companies need proof of the succeeding event, irrespective of whether the request is submitted on the exchange or openly through the health insurance company.

Texas Enrollment in Qualified Health Plans

During the 2020 open enrollment period for coverage, 1,116,293 Texans enrolled in private individual marketplace plans in the Texas health insurance marketplace. Texas was one of the few states on where enrollment increased in 2020.

Several health insurance companies Texas provide health plans exchange in 2020. This will increase to ten in the next year, with the addition of Scott & White Health Plan and Friday Health Plans, both of which have prepared the business decision to begin offering coverage in the Texas Market. Proposed rate variations for 2021 range from a slight drop to a double-digit increase, just depending on the health insurance company. You can know more at